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Re: [opensuse] konsole
On 18/06/17 20:14, Anton Aylward wrote:
My 'regular' tabs start with "bash -l" so i have to enter my GPG-agent
pass-phrases for each. My root shell is there asking for a password.

My tabs - all of them - start however konsole does it. Whatever the
default is. I've done nothing special - nothing at all to the best of my

The restored root tab asks for the password.

I don't have - again, never have, iirc - a root tab.

Unlike you I don't believe that somehow bypassing the root password to access
root privileges is a Good Thing. The tab is there. If and when, which is not
every day, I need a root shell, it is there.

Nor do I. If I need root privileges, I take an existing tab, do a "su"
(which asks me for the password), and either exit when I'm finished, or
expect it to disappear on logout.

I've tried, Patrick has tried, to get over the idea of a root login being
different from a change in the effective UID with a simplistic "su".

I don't understand your point. I *ONLY* *EVER* use "su". *My* behaviour
is consistent. Linux' response is not. (I do understand the difference,
I just can't see why it has any bearing on why linux is being inconsistent.)

To repeat - if konsole is open when I log out, it is restored when I log
back in. That much is consistent, and hunky dory.

If one of the tabs was changed to root, by using su, after a
logout/login the system *sometimes but not always* asks me for the root
password, then if I give it the password it does nothing - at least as
far as I can see - with it.

If the system asked me for the root password last time I logged in, it
*sometimes but not always* asks me the next time, with the same results.

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if KDE is messing up saving my
state, but the point is KDE/konsole is behaving in an inconsistent and
nonsensical manner. In other words, be it design error, programming
error, hardware error (always a possibility!) - *something* is not right.


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