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Re: [opensuse] plasma 5 settings in Leap 42.2
Istvan Gabor composed on 2017-06-18 17:32 (UTC+0200):
-measurement units: set to metric (not country)
-time format: set to YYYY-MM-DD, not country, because I don't
know which country uses this
I think these two may somehow be related. See:
-kde5/plasma5 system settings: help/about doesn't show version number,
why, how do I get it?
I think you're stuck with zypper, yast or .help about. from the various
-how to set font color to real black 0/0/0 rgb, not gray) on the panel,
in the start menu, in the panel clock
I can't tell how many places you are referring to here. ISTR in systemsettings
-> colors setting all the almost blacks to real black covered everywhere that I
could tell.
-how to prevent plasma5 to mess up KDE3 session (it even messes up kde3
session of users who never used/logged in to plasma5)
I don't install both session types on the same machine. KDE3 needs qt5ct, which
is incompatible with Plasma 5.
-how to fix missing panel icons, many application icon on the panel is
not shown, only empty space at their supposed locations, this depends
also on icon them, but breeze (deafult?) is affected too..
This I too would like to know. Maybe it has to do with trying to use Oxygen
theming, which is broken and wontfix.
Finally, is it feasible to install KDE4 instead of this default thing,
something that was available in 13.1 and 13.2? If yes, how?.
Have you considered mixing Plasma 5 with TDE instead?
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words are persuasive." Proverbs 16:21 (New Living Translation)

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