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Re: [opensuse] plasma 5 settings in Leap 42.2
gumb composed on 2017-06-19 00:58 (UTC+0200):
On 18/06/17 22:33, Istvan Gabor wrote:
In KDE3 it was not only shown but the pixel number could be set/typed
In KDE4 the number could not be typed directly but still was shown.
In KDE5 it isn't even shown.
This is what KDE devs call progress.
In KDE6 the panel size will be fixed, I suppose.
I don't think it was removed maliciously. I may be wrong, but I have
some vague recollection of a developer working on it saying that it was
more problematic to implement than one might imagine, perhaps because it
was a hack in previous versions or because the new frameworks create
complexities, I don't recall..
I think this is another case where the regression is a result of features being
dropped in the major QT releases on which KDE depend. One such is it became
impossible in v5 to specify bold in the (dismal[1]) font selection dialogs:

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