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Re: [opensuse] plasma 5 settings in Leap 42.2
On 19/06/17 00:01, Felix Miata wrote:
It still is displayed in TDE UI, but only changeable via mouse, either slider or
scroller, which I think may be a bug. The cursor/focus is in the scroller box.
In a fresh Plasma installation on a 1920x1080 screen:

[PlasmaViews][Panel 2[Horizontal1920]

Whether Panel 2 applies after other changes are made or with used or updated
user accounts I have no idea.

In my plasmashellrc file I have:

[PlasmaViews][Panel 3][Horizontal1280]

I don't know why it is panel 3 (I have only one, though I may have messed up the configuration a couple of times on initial installation, perhaps that explains the numbering), and neither do I understand why it shows visibility as 0 when it is permanently visible. Indeed, I don't know if this really is the file called by plasma to read the panel height configuration or just some vestige of previous tinkering.


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