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Re: [opensuse] Re: Off Topic: using reply-to
On 18/06/17 12:58 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2017-06-18 16:35, Wols Lists wrote:

It would be nice, however, if the options "reply to list", "reply to
all", "reply to sender" actually did what they said on the tin.

It gets very confusing when they work correctly on some lists, they all
do "reply to list" on others, and all do "reply to sender" on yet others!

They do work on this list as long as the sender doesn't touch it.
On Thunderbird I get a nice big button that says "reply to list", and
another that says "reply" which sends to the poster. And in the menu
there is another "reply to all". All of them work nicely and as intended.

They do.
Way back in some previous century (or perhaps a galaxy far away, my memory isn't
reliable in that regard) there was a version of Thunderbird that didn't.

I can't imagine why someone would still be running software that old, given all
the fixes and enhancements and security clean-ups that have happened since.

But one this I've learnt, there re some people around who hang on to old
software for a variety of reasons that seem ridiculous and ludicrous to the rest
of us.

The problem is that if the sender adds an automatic "reply-to", and the
replier tries a "reply to sender", in order to send a private response,
it does not work, it goes to the list. One has to notice the problem and
manually edit the address.

Yes, but there are a lot more people who (a) make a mistake and hit 'reply-to'
rather than 'reply-to-list', and (b) it seems there's software that doesn't have
a working 'reply-to-list' function.

As Linda pointed out, having that extra line in the response means that mistakes
will be self correcting.

A lot of people don't like Linda because she's an awkward cuss, argumentative
and does a lot of things (like boot her machines) differently, and because they
don't like her they discard everything she has to say, even if it is insightful.
I think she's an awkward cuss but I also thing she has a damn good reason for
the way she boots her machines and he use-case arguments are quite rational;
they just don't apply to or appeal to me. But then some people have piercings
and tattoos, and that doesn't appeal to me personally either.
So what? Get over it.

Hi, Linda, you awkward cuss. I wish there were more awkward like you around,
the world would be a better place if there were. We need more people thinking
things though differently. But rationally!

Let me repeat that: Linda's reasoning is quite rational, even if you don't agree
with it.

A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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