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Re: [opensuse] about choice (was: Off Topic: using reply-to)
Patrick Shanahan composed on 2017-06-18 10:11 (UTC-0400):
linux is still about choice.
It used to be. Practical choices have been dwindling for a long time, replaced
by naive "newness" that only works on some hardware or for some users. In
plasma, it remains impossible (limited by QT5) to select a bold font[3], or the
iso yyyy-mm-dd date format[4], or, if using the wrong hardware, to avoid
segfaulting and crashing[5]. Most recently, Firefox started defaulting to
building with the intentionally broken interop GTK3+[1]. Wolfgang's workaround
needed by non-Gnome users will only last until removes the
capability to build with GTK2.[2]

[1] e.g.
[5] e.g.
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