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Re: [opensuse] Nvidia Leap Repository?
Hi Patrick,

I read that, but in fact I really wouldn't be amused, if I would have to
download and compile the Nvidia packages myself. I hope, that there will
be any repo to automatically do that job on an upgrade.

It is not a "big thing". it only amounts to running an script and

I did it for years, but it was/is not fun at all - especially because I
always had to start it 10 to 20 times, because I often got defunct
children of make (sh, mkdir, ...), so that the compile just stopped and
had to be restarted.
Every so often you got a package, that couldn't be compiled at all. You
had to wait for an appropriate patch.
And sometimes - as it is the case with 42.3 now - the modules finally
compiled, but didn't load.

answering a few questions or passing a couple of parameters and
remembering to run the script when the kernel or mesa packages are

This describes how it should be, but it isn't.

so you *can* be amused.

Not really.

So it would really be great to have an official repository that provides
the appropriate drivers.
If not, I can live with it, but I wouldn't be amused.

(paka)Patrick Shanahan Plainfield, Indiana, USA @ptilopteri

Michael Hirmke

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