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Re: [opensuse] konsole
On 18/06/17 11:09, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 17/06/17 08:19 PM, Basil Chupin wrote:
The OP is simply asking why his konsole is not
working in this simple mode :-).
I have no reason to look under the hood of my car, but when it stops working
I'm off in the boonies and phone my mechanic, he tells me to do various
check various things, some of them "under the hood", report them to him in
detail than "its not working the way It used to, the way I think it should,
way it used it..."

To me, as a 'software mechanic', I'm doing much the same as my car mechanic;
these things, look at these things and report back.

To me, even with my limited knowledge, I know that turning the ignition and
there is cranking means the battery has charge enough to move the starter

No, I don't expect everyone to be a 'software mechanic', though there are a
on this list in one form or another. I do expect people who use computers to
'logically minded", certainly enough to perform a diagnostic that explained to
them, and report the results.

If you think that's unreasonable then let me know, let the whole list know.

No, what you said is not unreasonable. Quite reasonable in fact.

But the OP asked a simple question and is a 'simple' user which means he
needs a simple answer. If that does not suffice to get him out of
trouble then one can then proceed with deeper more detailed
explanations. Dumping on him, or anyone, a lot of mind-boggling detail
only confuses the issue for that person. Of course, if that person, i.e.
any OP, was someone like yourself then such info would be a thrill to
read :-).

Much has been written for the OP to help him solve his problem. We now
await a report from him to see if any of that had helped him solve it :-) .


PS But I have a question: why did you send the above to me as a private
message in the first instance knowing full well that I could not
response to you in private because you put the return address as "Reply
to opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx"?

Government has become a committee for managing the affairs of the rich.

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