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Re: [opensuse] konsole
On 17/06/17 15:33, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Wols Lists <antlists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [06-17-17 09:44]:
On 17/06/17 10:32, James Bunnell wrote:
I have the regular super user konsole. but the konsole that is supposed
to be the regular konsole prompts for a password each time i open it. i
have tried the profile thing, no avail. any ideas as to why this is? thanks.

Seems to me the problem is you have both root and user konsoles
together. I find, whenever I su in a konsole, it remembers that and
tries to run it as root next time. It causes grief for a few logins
until it goes away - and even if I give it the root password it appears
to do absolutely nothing with it ...

Short answer: it looks like root konsoles are buggy.

or you have *some* configuration borked. I do not observe the problems
you describe. I rarely have reason to hunt for another console window
rather than utilizing the regular konsole and simply "su -". but I have
never opened <user> konsole and be asked to provide a password, in any of
my many years years on suse versions of linux.

Short answer: I don't like it when computers do weird things for no
obvious reason.

To describe my setup, I leave ONE console open, usually with three or
four tabs. I regularly "su" in one or more of those tabs when I want
access to root.

When I log in, konsole may or may not ask me for the root password. It
only starts if I left a tab in root mode last session, but if I give it
the root password it does nothing - I don't get a root tab. And it will
keep on prompting for the password for the next few logins, even if I
don't su in a tab again ...

As I say. It's weird. And to me inexplicable. I don't like it. (And I
don't particularly want to waste time trying to track down the cause. I
suspect it's not remembering my config properly.)


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