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Re: [opensuse] can't mount/open/use usb drive/stick/disk device on leap 42.2
On Fri, 16 Jun 2017 17:25:45 -0300
Rejaine Monteiro <rejaine@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It's not so easy. We have hundreds of users already quite habituated
with kde. Will it be the only plausible solution? There is no other


This is certainly a security policy. I came here to ask for some help
just because I do not know where I change this damn policy !!

I'm sorry; I didn't intend to annoy you. But you didn't provide much
information; it's being dragged out, one drop at a time.

I tested multiple users on different machines. Where I have opensuse
13.1 or 13.2, everything is working fine with root or common user.
But the problem is only occurring on machines that have been upgraded
to opensuse 42.2.


I do not think it's a KDE bug, because with 'root' everything works
fine (the usb stick is mounted via KDE normally) The problem is only
with ordinary user (it gives the error that there is no permission
for the user to mount the device)

We don't know whether it is a security bug, or a KDE bug. We can't rule
either in, or out. So people are suggesting trying a different desktop
since we know that works for us. Nobody who uses KDE has so far
commented as far as I know, which surprises me because there are (or
used to be) a lot of KDE users here.

As well as trying a different desktop, it would also be a good idea to
try running the mount manually on the command line and reporting
exactly what error is reported. Do you need help doing that?

On my system, a USB filesystem is mounted automatically and then a
dialog pops up to ask me whether I want to open the file manager, so
the workflow I experience is completely different to what you report.

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