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[opensuse] Update FireFox 49.5 -> 52.2, file dialogs are horrible, how to get FF49 dialogs back?

I updated to firefoxe 52.5esr from 49.5esr. One thing that is just totally
repugnant is the file->open dialog. It is per-se unusable.

How do I get the file->open dialog from 49.5 back? -- or at least get this
damn thing to sort the folders first like every other sane file->open dialog
does. I have folders with 20 or so directories and 1400+ files in them and
trying to navigate where you have to scroll through 1200 files just to get to
the 'tst' directory is unacceptable.

Is there some setting that controls this? Right now this thing is
unnavigable with scores of .zip files mixed with directories mixed with files
in an unholy mess. Why when I first scroll down with the mouse are many of the
icons missing?


(screenshot of the dialog I see at,

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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