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Re: [opensuse] Again, trying to find a suitable video editor.
On 06/13/2017 07:05 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
The problem with avidemux is that it does only one sound track. I need
two, because movies in Spain come dubbed to Spanish, but usually also
contain the original sound track. Naturally I want to keep both.



cinelerra can handle as many video and audio tracks as you like in its A/B
storyboard editor. You can have 10 sound tracks if you like simultaneously
with the various tracks fading it/out and playing on top of one another. It is
an incredibly powerful editor. You can do just about everything you need very
efficiently from the keyboard as all normal functions are mapped in a
semi-logical way to the keyboard (in a manner similar to Vim or Emacs -- which
also implies a that level of learning to fully master it)

That said, the UI is also a point and click mouseable interface as well. If
you haven't used it yet, read through a tutorial and learn how clips are
handled (your resources) and get a feel for the A/B storyboard editing
approach it provides. Give a minimum an hour of learning and by that point you
should have made friends with the interface, be able to create your clip
resources, know how to lay them out on the storyboard, and know where to look
for help to tweak the transitions, fade audio in/out, and the rest of what is
under the hood.

You simply cannot go wrong with cinerella. You can do StarWars quality video
creation with the tool, then it's just a matter of spending another 1/2 hour
or so when you are ready to render you video to re-learn all the ffmpeg
option, video targets, etc...

The only thing I've ever had an issue with is Video and Audio being offset
just a fraction of a second so the video looked like an old Godzilla movie.
That's not a problem with cineralla, purely operator inexperience, since the
audio and video are rendered as separate tracks before they are combined for
the final encoded video. (cinelerra has this neat 'bump' feature that lets you
adjust the audio sync to fix it)

It's involved, but using anything else or cinelerra is like using jot or
vim/emacs. There is just no fair comparison. (however, the time to learn jot
compared to vim/emacs is a fair analogy...)

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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