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[opensuse] Re: How to make local browser "default" instead of some remote browser?
Oliver Kurz wrote:
On Tuesday, 13 June 2017 02:53:54 CEST L A Walsh wrote:
Running a remote GUI just now, when I clicked on
a topic, it started a browser on the remote machine
that displays on my local machine via 'X'.

So are you using ssh with X-forwarding?
Where is my browser choice stored? I'd like to configure it to
run the browser on my local machine instead.

depends on your desktop environment but I think that would be very hard to achieve.
Where is the browser choice stored? I.e. somewhere it needs
to have the name of some executable file to start.

From there I can change it to pass the URL to my remote browser.
I could use ssh to pass it, but I might switch to rsh or rexec
for simplicity & speed (security isn't an issue; it's a
dedicated connection).
For other cases I guess the way to go is not use ssh+X-forwarding - if that is
what you are using.
Well, already, I'm not, _really_, using the X-forwarding -- just
'X'. Like:

Ishtar:/> echo $DISPLAY

(where Ishtar is a "remote"(another room) linux(suse) machine, and athenae is
my local(desktop) machine). Sending X back through 'ssh' makes
it much slower.

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