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Re: [opensuse] zypper and disk space
Roger Oberholtzer composed on 2017-06-12 16:28 (UTC+0200):
I am planning on updating a Tumbleweed system. It has not been updated
since gcc7. On the system in question, I always fight for disk space
when doing large updates. I always have it download all files, then do
the install. Which means that I need the space for the RPMS, the new
uncompressed installs, and whatever files are still in use before apps
Is there an option I do not see that can tell zypper to delete an RPM
after it is installed? That way I can at least get back disk space as
things are getting installed, but still have a bit of safety that the
install will not start until I have all the bits local.
Or maybe there is a better approach?
Zypper is highly competent, very clearly the best package manager I've ever been
exposed to.

# grep sNee /etc/zypp/zypp.conf
## DownloadAsNeeded Alternating download and install. Packages are
commit.downloadMode = DownloadAsNeeded

Above has been the configuration on all my many openSUSE installations since I
discovered it many many many moons ago. As Carlos indicated, network going down
can be a problem, but for me, that particular problem has usually been one of
nuisance, not serious, usually solved by simply waiting for network to come back
after my provider shuts it down for maintenance at 02:00 in the middle of an
up/dup. I minimize that type of risk by beginning the process with a
mini-script, zypstart, that does the important stuff up front:

zypper -v in zypper libzypp libsolv-tools rpm openSUSE-release
zypper -v in device-mapper dmraid glibc lvm2 multipath-tools mdadm systemd udev

Also, I keep kernels and initrds locked, and install new ones only after an
uping/duping is finished.
"The wise are known for their understanding, and pleasant
words are persuasive." Proverbs 16:21 (New Living Translation)

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Felix Miata ***

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