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Re: [opensuse] backintime is broken in leap 42.2
* Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [06-10-17 06:37]:
Patrick Shanahan wrote:

backintime backup utility is broken in leap 42.2:

org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NameHasNoOwner: Could not get owner of name
'net.launchpad.backintime.serviceHelper': no such name

I googled the above and found this:

It might help solve the problem.

indeed, it does. that bug describes the same problem, but I don't see an
applicable solution for Leap 42.2 there. w/o arguing that bug report, it
lead to further research and I found:
which advises a missing dbus service and I found that executing:
/usr/bin/python3 -Es /usr/share/backintime/qt4/
provides a working backintime

trying to find a way to automagically start the backintime dbus service, I
discovered that the dbus.service was not enabled, ie:
systemctl enable dbus.service
announced that it started/enabled dbus.service

maybe that was wrong ??? but it is enabled on my Tw boxes.

journalctl -u dbus.service |grep backintime shows:
(backintime scheduled to run at 0400)

Jun 10 04:00:02 wahoo dbus[1253]: [system] Activating service
name='net.launchpad.backintime.serviceHelper' (using servicehelper)

Jun 10 04:00:02 wahoo dbus[1253]: [system] Activated service
'net.launchpad.backintime.serviceHelper' failed: Failed to execute program
net.launchpad.backintime.serviceHelper: Success

Doesn't make sense to me that it reports "Success" for an announced

from my limited knowledge it appears calling backintime should activate
the backintime dbus.service and it is failing. whether it should remain
running after the backintime instance is finished, I don't know but on my
other Tw boxes it is still present.

and this failure persists across reboots, but I only see it on my single
Leap 42.2 box, not the other 5 Tw.

So how do I ensure that net.launchpad.backintime.serviceHelper.service is
available and starts for backintime?


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