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[opensuse] Re: File delete permissions.
Carlos E. R. wrote:
cer@Isengard:~/Fusion/Videos/Crossing Jordan/Temporada 1> l p*mpeg
- -rw-r--r-- 1 cer-g root 0 Jun 8 19:50 p.mpeg
- -rw-r--r-- 1 cer-g root 0 Jun 8 19:50 p4.mpeg
cer@Isengard:~/Fusion/Videos/Crossing Jordan/Temporada 1> rm p.mpeg
rm: remove write-protected regular empty file 'p.mpeg'? n
cer@Isengard:~/Fusion/Videos/Crossing Jordan/Temporada 1>
What is 'l'?

See? 'rm' doubts and asks.
However, 'mc' doesn't ask and goes ahead, it happily deletes a file that is not mine.
-bash: mc: command not found

What is 'mc'? (midnight commander? FWIW -- I don't have it installed,
as I found it too easily deleted files -- i.e. tried starting it, and
then quiting, but something I typed to 'quit' deleted files. Ug. unfriendly!)
That 'rm' asks, some (I don't mind it, easy to work around w/"-f")
might consider "un-unix". Just like 'rm' used to be a depth-first tool,
always processing children before parents, so "rm -fr --one-filesystem ."
would safely delete all contents of a dir, but leave the dir (and
leave other files systems alone). Now, it is incapable of doing that
w/o fixes, patches.

I thought that the 'w' permission was needed to delete a file, but no. Is there some way I can negate user "cer" permission to delete a file? No, not sticky, it doesn't work.
'w' applies to the content of the object it is set on, allowing
write to _that_ object. "Filenames" are 'content" inside a directory
(filenames that point to their own content -- the content of the file).

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