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Re: [opensuse] thunderbird spam filter
On 06/06/2017 05:01 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Billie Walsh <bilwalsh@xxxxxxxxxx> [06-06-17 17:50]:
On 06/06/2017 04:17 PM, James Knott wrote:
On 06/06/2017 05:01 PM, Billie Walsh wrote:
yahoo mail sucks big time, and their spam filtering is terrible
gmail spam filtering is *very* good
my local spamassassin is better
Yahoo spam filter is awesome if you take the time to work with it.

My ISP also relies on Yahoo for email and I find it's worse that a
decent email app. Previously, I was able to disable their spam filter,
but for the past few months I can't. It often puts my email into the
"Bulk mail" folder, including posts from this list. What's worse, I
can't use my email app to mark it not spam. I have to use a browser to
connect to the mail server and mark it there.

Buncha Yahoos!!! ;-)
Just like Thunderbird you have to teach it what you think is spam.

I took the time to do it and on average only one or two spam messages get
through to my computer a month. So, it does work if you work with it.
only I download my email, fetchmail, and read locally. I do not want to
*mess* with yahoo's broken spam filter at all. I *only* access it with a
web client in order to un-spam most of what yahoo decides for me. and
only use yahoo mail because at&t does.

I download my mail also. The way you teach Yahoo what isand what isn't is to not download continuously for a short time. Go to Yahoo webmail and choose what you want to see in your Thunderbird inbox and what you don't. In a short time Yahoo starts sorting it on it's own.

What I see is that you want it to work without putting in the time to make it work. It doesn't happen that way.

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