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Re: [opensuse] thunderbird spam filter
* Billie Walsh <bilwalsh@xxxxxxxxxx> [06-06-17 17:03]:
On 06/06/2017 08:16 AM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* jdd@xxxxxxxxx <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> [06-06-17 08:52]:
Le 06/06/2017 à 13:48, Carlos E. R. a écrit :

Then that move is done by the ISP, not Thunderbird.

most certainly not. I have no isp spam filter that I know of and didn't
change last week.

thunderbird spam filter works a bit like spamassassin, whit the change that
you can teach it every day. Rigth now it works pretty well, the change I
speak of is cosmetic.
your spamassassin works different than mine. I train mine every day :)

yahoo mail sucks big time, and their spam filtering is terrible
gmail spam filtering is *very* good
my local spamassassin is better

Yahoo spam filter is awesome if you take the time to work with it.

*you* don't work with it on at&t, you get what they decide you need, kind
of like using m$ products.

on opensuse mail lists, 90% of what yahoo defines spam is ?good? list

I would prefer using my local spamassassin *only* rather than depending on
yahoo's mis-steps, mistakes. but there is no way to "turn it off".

yahooo is sold to verizon, wonder how at&t email is going to work then?

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