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Re: [opensuse] Tethering via USB cable no longer working - half solved.
On 06/01/2017 11:19 AM, John Andersen wrote:
Very often the computer can't see the SSID to connect to. If you can
connect, it works fine, but more often than not, you can't connect.
You get to set the SSID the iPhone will use, and you can also set it to
something illegal, unsuported, or just plain hard to type which may well be
your problem.

Once set, connected to and tested, the laptop will remember it and connect

Of course I wouldn't put it past Apple to have screwed this up on some models
perhaps at the behest of the carriers, and simply walked away from the

The problem is not setting the SSID. The problem is when trying to
connect to the iPhone, the computer often cannot see the SSID in the
list of available networks. If you can't see it, you can't connect to
it. Even if though I had previously connected to it, I couldn't count
on being able to connect to it later.

And I have no doubt Apple does things "different". I wonder if a Mac
would have the same problem connecting.

BTW, the super secret SSID I used was "JKnott_iPhone".

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