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Re: [opensuse] System slowdowns
On 2016-10-09 22:44, Marc Chamberlin wrote:
On 10/9/2016 11:18 AM, John Andersen wrote:

Yes, bad sectors cause large slowdowns, but not high cpu. It should be
wait states.

Yeah John, I am kinda thinking you are right, something fishy with the
file system or disk drives. Carlo's question seems to imply he is also
thinking in that direction. I tried to dd clone the one drive that has
reported errors and that failed apparently with a lot of disk read
errors. So I need to figure out a way to copy everything from that drive
to a new one and perhaps change the file system type of the partitions
to a better choice. So first question I have is what file system should
I choose and if I want to copy everything from the old drive with a
partition using a file system of one type, to a new drive with a
partition using a different type of a file system, how best to do so?
Doesn't look like dd would be a good choice of a tool to use....

If you want to image, don't use dd, use dd_rescue or ddrescue (they are
different but achieve the same thing).

For data storage I prefer xfs. I like reiserfs a lot, but I limit its
total size. All the reiserfs partitions share the same cpu thread,
reiserfs does not scale well.

If you want to copy files, use rsync.

Also, I am going to want to preserve the MBR in the process.

The program or the partition layout? Or both?

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 13.1 x86_64 "Bottle" at Telcontar)

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