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Re: [opensuse] This is FOSS. Its FREE!
  • From: Larry Stotler <larrystotler@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2016 20:17:17 -0400
  • Message-id: <>
On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 6:04 PM, Anton Aylward <opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Oh wait a moment, I didn't pay for Linux![1]

I paid for S.u.S.E. versions for years because I didn't have a high
speed internet connection. Probably at least 10 versions between v5.3
& v9.3 over 7 years.

When I finally got high speed internet, the openSUSE project was just
starting, so I did what I could to test it out and report good and
bad. Then life became more important and I dropped off due to lack of

I personally would not have a problem paying a small yearly
fee($20-50) for a stable long term support version(5 years at least)
of an OS that did what I needed and supported my (generally older)
hardware. I used OS/2 before coming to linux, and DOS and CP/M before
that. Even macOS is now free to upgrade to a new version.

WinDoZe has a huge advantage over Linux - Inertia. You go to a
website and download the program and it basically installs on whatever
version you have on your machine. With Linux, you have a repo manager
instead(and 100s of distros and several versions of each). It was a
huge shift(that iOS and Android have adopted now with their "App
stores" & M$ is trying to copy) compared to what people were used to.

I did work for several companies locally that we tried to switch over
to Linux on the desktop(generally at their request). Each project
pretty much failed. With the cost of us installing and setting up the
systems and trying(to great frustration all around) to train the users
on the different programs, and incompatibilities with openOffice & MS
Office products, it ended up not saving anyone any money. When we
broke down the attempted changover vs the support costs of fixing and
maintaining/upgrading/cleaning their current systems, it was a wash.
I don't even offer to do a desktop Linux install anymore - business or
personal. I am more than happy to setup a server though.

I don't expect my experience to be a majority one. It's just what I have seen.

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