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Re: [opensuse] This is FOSS. Its FREE!
On 10/07/2016 04:40 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
After all, you would not pay to use a Beta, you
pay for a "finished" product. And you typically have to pay for the next
version that should have significant changes.

In theory but what about ...

Oh wait a moment, I didn't pay for Linux![1]

Come to that, I look at the people who *HAVE* paid for MS-Windows and see that
they are going though even though they did not knowingly sign up as testers, and
get a 'product' that is a lot more unstable and awkward and irritating than any
version of Linux I've had since I switched of OpenSUSE at about 5.something.

And unlike MS-Windos, each release has not been a massive new learning project;
the basic 'pattern' principles of *NIX that I learnt in the 1970s have served
me well, while everything about MS-Windows seems 'sui generis'. Heck, people
seem to need retraining courses even with a new release of MS-Office; I recall
that happening at one company I was working for that was sucking at the MS teat
and saying that it was more cost effective than Linux or OSX because there was a
greater pool of expertise.

Ha, bloody ha ha.

[1] Well, OK, I paid for DVDs and for the bandwidth to download the ISO to burn
onto them, but I was buying those DVDs to do backups anyway and the network
costs were a 'sunk cost' anyhow.
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