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Re: [opensuse] trolling emacs?
Le 07/10/2016 à 22:14, Anton Aylward a écrit :

Right on, bro'!


My fingers learnt classical VI on a PDP-11 long before this "VIM" and "gVIM",

I once tried to find "the original VI", but couldn't really find one, the original ones being spread in source form

long before the VAX virtual memory system let the EMACS 'eight megabytes' be
available for running on affordable memory while crippling the machine with its
constant swapping.

my first emacs was filling my computer so much I couldn't make any work. bet the time :-)

And I bet my long white beard is longer that your long white beard.
So there!

not that sure, I didn't play with computer before having an HP-41C around 1980 (and an eprom burner :-))


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