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Re: [opensuse] interesting reading about systemd
On 10/07/2016 01:19 AM, Philipp Thomas wrote:
* Larry Stotler (larrystotler@xxxxxxxxx) [20161002 22:50]:

systemd to me personally has always seemed to be a solution in search
of a problem.
No, the problem was real. SysVinit doesn't know the current state of the
system but rather what it believes the status should be. So a replacement
that does track the state was needed.

The devs behind systemd seem to be trying to take over the linux ecosystem
by proxy.
That's part of the problem. The main reason is that it's head developers
believe their views are the only correct ones and can't be debated. This
alienates people rather quickly.


That's actually not correct, if you had read this long thread, you would see all the arguments in favor of systemd. The people that do the work get the credit, and the "head developers" are the ones who did the work. Most all the popular distros picked systemd up for a reason. It can be debated contrary to what you say, but it mostly just falls on deaf ears because every argument against systemd can be rebutted. "Talk is cheap." If you don't like systemd, then don't just spam a mailing list of a distro where the overwhelming majority of users are in support of systemd. Do something about it. Doing something about it isn't spamming a user support list for openSUSE about your fanatical views regarding how systemd is embedding its tentacles into every facet of Linux. If that is your idea of doing something about "it", then that is really horrible time management, not to mention just creates spam on this list which is not for debating philisophical ideas and questions when it comes to Linux. The openSUSE mailing list is for end-to-end user support. Not for political compains against systemd. I thought this discussion had already been had on every single IRC, Mailing list, Forum, and yet it's still going on and just this thead alone is near 100 responses. Completely ridiculous.

It's like anti-vaxxers, the same type of people. The ones with the loud voices are a small minority yet make a lot of noise, and they get a small group to rally against something that essentially goes nowhere. The overwhelmingly large majority is in favour of systemd, and systemd will not be going anywhere for a very long time. The fringe fanatics can go find a distro like Devuan that doesn't have systemd. I don't see what the problem is either. You can have a distro that doesn't have systemd. What is there to debate? We can have systemd, and you can have upstart or whatever they are using in place of systemd.

Now, can we please go back to user support and not having a philosophical debate (which was over a long time ago, yes the debate is OVER) that is just egging on trolls because that's exactly what they are trying to accomplish over systemd?

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