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Re: [opensuse] Reliable way to backup hard drive before clean install
Le 03/10/2016 à 18:33, Jeffrey L. Taylor a écrit :
I am planning on a clean install (going from 13.1 to 42.2 Beta) on the root
partition, leaving the home partition alone. I'm not doing complete backups
because of limited space on the backup drive. I've room for a single full
backup, both partitions. What is a reliable way?

"cp -a / /media/LinuxBackup/full" is what occurs to me. Is there a better


It's not an easy thing.

for data the problem is to know where is the data located. It's not all in /home. some is in /var (data base, mail...), some in /etc (config). Don't forget also the "dot" (.) invisible files. cache files may be big and are unnecessary. Iso (dvd) files are also big and may not be useful in a backup. Temporary files also.

For system, the problem is open files and virtual files.

an open (always modified) file can't be copied, or not in usable form. virtual files (/proc, sys...) don't need to be copied

and I'm sure I forget things :-(

some notes:

better if possible backup a stopped machine (that is with live disk or other linux on the same machine)

but anyway, any backup is better than nothing :-)

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