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Re: [opensuse] interesting reading about systemd
Richard Brown composed on 2016-10-03 10:56 (UTC+0200):

Larry Stotler wrote:

I like the LTS approach that uBuntu
uses(just don't care for uBuntu). If we had something like that on
openSUSE(kinda like SLE but more open) I'd probably use it. Heck, I
think my server is still running 12.3.......

It's called openSUSE Leap

It's based on SUSE Linux Enterprise, but is more open

It's been the only non-rolling distribution offered by the openSUSE
Project since November 2015

What exactly is the "it" of which you write? I read Larry's "it" as being a 5 year support LTS product, with 5 years being its key feature.

FWIW, as bringing this up anywhere else has produced zero traction, my primary OS is 42.1, but, for reasons not under control of the openSUSE team, its looking like upgrading it to 42.2 (or any other distro's upcoming release) is not going to be an option for the foreseeable future, if ever, without abandoning my (non-Gnome) environment of choice: (includes upstream bug refs., mozilla and gtk that are the actual problem)
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