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Re: [opensuse] interesting reading about systemd
On Sun, Oct 2, 2016 at 4:52 PM, sdm <fastcpu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Actually systemd wrapped up things into one nice package and got rid of
age-old cruft. Finally Linux systems are a joy to administer. So on one hand
you're saying Linux isn't successful because it's fractured. Okay, systemd
came into solve a bunch of problems (and did so well), and did exactly what
you are stating is the downfall of Linux. But, you still are complaining.
And now this thread is going to start into another systemd war which I
really don't care to read because the debate is over. systemd is here to
stay, if you don't like it, go to devuan.

You just made my argument for me. All I did was say "hey I dont care
for it, but it is care for by others so just give me a way to not have
to use it" and you go and try to tell me what to do. So basically, if
I don't agree with you, I shouldn't be here on this list and shouldn't
use openSUSE - even tho I have been using it and supporting it for 17

I admin Linux systems and I find using systemd more difficult than
what I am used to. I don't find it better, so where is the advantage?
Further, I see no advantage for using systemd on a server at all.
But that's MY experience, which is obviously different from YOURS.
However, I'm not telling you to go away just because we disagree.

This echoes of the KDE4 changeover where people who had issues with it
were told to get over it. That no one wanted to hear what we had to
say and that KDE4 was the way forward.

systemd is here to stay? sure, till the next great thing shows up and
everyone runs to it instead. Glad to hear the "debate is over" So,
are you now in charge?
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