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Re: [opensuse] Updating Tumbleweed
Andrei Borzenkov composed on 2016-08-13 09:00 (UTC+0300):

openSUSE relies on "zypper dup" instead of maintaining
Obsoletes/Conflicts on RPM level. Situations when it is required are not
frequent, but they do happen regular.

In defense, not every package reorganization can be handled by RPM. So
zypper is using logic above usual RPM to additionally
remove/replace/install packages.

While it is true that using "zypper up" is usually sufficient, it is
still recommended to do "zypper dup" every now and then to "sync" with
current package lists.

While duping occasionally does clean up some things, it is not up to the task of keeping obsolete packages incorporating version strings in their names from piling up as their names morph. e.g. libavutil##, libavformat##, libpoppler##, libswresample#, libavcodec##, libicu##_#, etc. Some it catches one way or another, but definitely not all, and using zypper rather than YaST2 to do such manual cleanup is tedious to say the least.
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