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Re: [opensuse] switching to gnome, a question
On 08/08/2016 02:30 PM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 9:09 AM, George from the tribe
<tech@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 08/08/2016 12:00 PM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:

08.08.2016 06:56, George from the tribe пишет:

Is there a way to do that?

And your openSUSE and GNOME versions are ... ?

Sorry haven't changed my sig yet on the bottom to reflect gnome. OpenSUSE
42.1. I am running the standard gnome version that comes with 42.1.

Actually that's strange - GNOME 3.x defaults to exactly the same
behavior - different hotkeys for switching between applications
(Alt-TAB) and application windows (Alt-`). IIRC correctly it required
external extension to restore old behavior ... hmm, apparently this
extension is installed as part of gnome-shell-classic package. Do you
have it installed by any chance? Check for Alternate Tab extension if
this is active.

That was it, thanks! after installing gnome-shell-classic, I can now switch between open windows of the same application using alt-`, as long as those windows are the only ones in a single workspace.

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