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Re: [opensuse] runlevel 3 openSUSE versus Mint 17.3
On 07/28/2016 03:32 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
Mint is a Debian derivative. I installed both 17 and LMDE 2 Betsy (same OS but
gets confusing. I could be wrong but I got the impression that
mint was derived from Ubuntu which is from Debian. Is that not

What gfxcard is the 960 replacing? If whatever the old one was was using a
it is an ATI that was OEM in an HP computer. It doesn't have much of any
marking on it and since it is no longer in the computer, I don't have
an easy way to check how it was identified. I think it was something like 6250

FOSS driver, then the 960 should have worked automagically, unless the FOSS
for the new (xserver-xorg-video-nouveau is
the .deb containing it in Mint; xf86-video-nouveau is the .rpm containing it in
openSUSE) was not already installed.
I bet that might have been the reason it didn't work. I guess I
should have checked for its presence before replacing the old one.
Anyway, the new Nvidia seems to be working ok now with the Nvidia
proprietary driver on the host system. At this point I have no idea
if the problems I am having with Virtualbox guest systems is at all
related. I don't think I mentioned it in my original post but Virtualbox
was the reason I wanted to get a newer and better card because in the
process of experimenting, I began to think the old card wasn't well

Default behavior on both Debians and openSUSE is there is no configuration
to be done. IOW, gfxcard recognition is supposed to be automagically handled.
Meaning that the new card will be detected and the xserver will
be reconfigured?

The primary deviation from default behavior
results from NVidia gfxcard owners who cannot be satisfied with a 100% FOSS
I started with the FOSS but it seemed to be not behaving well
(it appeared to be be in a low res fbdev type of operation).
I guess I should have written the errors I saw for future reference.

Swapping gfxcards around here is a fairly common occurrence, and simple,
because proprietary video drivers are never used here in any Linux distro.
Where is "here"? your house, SuSE community, linux users in general?
So you are saying that generally many don't like the proprietary?

the latest gfxchips that cannot always be expected to work except maybe in
Tumbleweed, as there's normally weeks or months long
Tumblweed is what I started with while trying to get SuSE as a
Virtualbox guest.

Given that the 960 launch was 18 months ago, I would expect full FOSS
Maybe I will try the Leap next.

It is if your goal is to make systemd's closest equivalent to
"runlevel 3" your default - your preference being to use startx instead
of a GUI greeter to launch your X sessions.
OK, thanks

It seems that Mint 17 doesn't yet have systemd so am I correct in

Why do you think that? According to, Mint has been using
I am certainly not an expert on that but I wonder why they say
that? I "think that" because I read somewhere in one of the
forums that 17 is not yet using systemd.

systemd since v15. LMDE 2 uses it, so I have to think distrowatch is
correct about 17.
While it seems that
$ dpkg -l | egrep 'upstart|systemd|sysvinit'
might show some things related to systemd, it might not yet really
be there? Is not the existence of systemctl a key part of having
systemd (I am really new on that so I don't know)? I get
systemctl: command not found

That answer depends on your openSUSE version, and which Grub is enabled.
I started with the latest Tumbleweed but since that is almost totally
broken (for me), I will try the Leap 42.1.

have to tamper with that in addition to the systemctl?

The "grub tampering" you're referring to must have to do with the NVidia
driver's requirement to disable KMS by including nomodeset as a cmdline
I don't know/remember if that was required or if it is just a need to not
have the xserver running.

parameter at boot time. For the Intel, AMD/ATI and
NVidia FOSS drivers to work properly, nomodeset must not be present on
the kernel cmdline at boot time. There is no distinction between openSUSE
and Mint in this regard.
That is good to know. Thanks for the info.

Thanks to everyone for the help on this one. The host system now seems
to be working well with the Mint 17.3 and the new Nvidia. Now I am having
a lot of trouble with getting other OS including SuSE to work as a
Virtualbox guest. Tumbleweed won't even run in graphical mode so I
will make a separate post on that.

Damon Register

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