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Re: [opensuse] pdf preview in dolphin?
On 2016-08-06 10:05, Per Jessen wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:

That happens when you do not have the required packages installed.

Does anyone _know_ which packages are required? It's difficult to
believe we're actually discussing this for functionality that used to
come by default.

In the thread I mentioned we discussed that. One suggestion was to look
at an earlier thread. Here:

15-01-24 15:18 Istvan Gabor
[opensuse] KDE4 dolphin pdf file preview

]> I grepped for "dolphin" and "view". The suggestion
]> is to use konqueror, and it doesn't work. I can right click on a file,
]> and ask for a preview, which can be done by a netscape plugin (error
]> message unable to load plugin), but which opens a panel, or preview in
]> okular, which works, but is in fact a full view, the panel with the list
]> of files is lost, so that I can not browse the files with the cursor and
]> see their content in a panel or window automatically.

]> I see notes for kubuntu, and bugzillas at openSUSE saying that it is
]> broken. And as I'm using 13.1, there is no chance of getting it
]> repaired, I think.
]> On kubuntu, it suggests installing "kdegraphics-strigi-plugins", which I
]> don't see. Maybe:
]> kdegraphics-thumbnailers - Graphics file thumbnail generators
]> I'll try installing that. [...] YES! It works now. Thanks! :-)
]> Although it is almost unreadable. Even setting dolphin to full window,
]> and the preview pane to half of that, the receipt is displayed in the
]> center with large empty band around (as big as the receipt itself). The
]> contextual menu of the preview doesn't adjust anything of the preview,
]> but of the file properties; and ctrl+/- adjusts the size of the file
]> pane, not the preview pane.
]> I can barely see what each bank receipt is about.
]> It is a huge advance, but I'm not there yet...

]> I found a working workaround: convert the files to djvu with pdf2djvu.
]> The dvju preview is much better, it resizes to the pane border, as large
]> as I want.

For me it works fine in 13.1, has done for a long time. I wonder if I
compare the lists of installed packages ?

Yes, I would you that. I can run a package list command that you suggest
in my working 13.1

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 13.1 x86_64 "Bottle" at Telcontar)

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