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Re: [opensuse] What are the recommended reporitories for KDE/Leap 42.1?
  • From: Rodney Baker <rodney.baker@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2016 19:56:44 +0930
  • Message-id: <2975263.TbOyCEL1J1@mako>
On Wednesday, 3 August 2016 6:07:01 PM ACST stakanov@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Using QT5.7 as a repo is not a good choice. Leap is a mix of kde4 and kde5,
only 42.2 (when stable) will be more on the plasma5 side. This is not
because of a lack of support from Leap but because of the fact that Plasma
5 was at that state when Leap came out.

OK, fair enough. Unfortunately 5.5 didn't work at all, but that appeared to be
the minimum available with Leap. I didn't really want Qt5/Plasma 5 at all - I
was happy with KDE4, but I could not get rid of all of the Qt5/KF5 stuff from
13.2 without a full clean reinstall.

Konsole windows eventually stop responding to keyboard input after having
been open for a while, necessitating a logout/login to restore keyboard
I think this is because you are experiencing crashes due to the mixed repo
setup you did choose. Stick to Leap 42.1 main, update. Deactivate the rest
of repos. Do a zypper ref, then a zypper dup. You will be asked to drop
back to kmail4 and kontact4. This is a good choice. I tried the newer
versions but in Leap they did not work, at least not reliably enough to do
the job.

I rarely use Kontact. Kmail is working fine when it starts. When I first
upgraded I had only the main and update repositories selected, and ended up
with no KDE desktop working at all. It would just silently drop back to the
login prompt, every time. :(

No DTV in Kaffeine (or any other DTV app) - black screen only, despite the
DTV tuner card apparently correctly tuning and the correct program
details being displayed on the OSD.

Again, try the above. Kaffeine and DTV needs the packman repo (do this at
last). You will also need libdvdcss if it is possible and legal in you
country (in Europe AFAIK it is).

I've only just added Packman back. I'll try kaffeine again after updating
stuff from there.

A space bar that can't keep up with my typing speed, resulting in
wordsthatfrequentlyrunon (requiring frequent back-spaces to correct - at
this rate I'll wear out my backspace key).

These are plasma crashes due to the repos I think.

Could well be.

Updates that frequently result in unsolvable dependency conflicts.

KDE-related repositories that I currently have selected:
Again: just select


Leap 42.1 main repo.
Standard packages.

Hmmm. I"ll see how it goes. Hopefully it won't result in a non-working system

When I first upgraded to 42.1, the only DE could get (sort of) working was
Given the repos, this is normal.

Without the above repositories, I could not even get close to a working
KDE desktop after upgrading from 13.2

Because you used additional repos and shifted to plasma 5 in 13.2. If you
want this, do not use Leap. Upgrade to TW. With you settings you are not
going to get a stable system anyway and you went for the latest and
greatest already in 13.2. So there is no reason to go for Leap.

13.2 was getting increasingly broken, and I could not eliminate all traces of
KF5 like I wanted to. Even switching back to just the 13.2 main and update
repositories wanted to uninstall pretty much all of KDE and replace it with
i586 32-bit builds of everything.

Oh - I also lost all of my desktop customisations and many plasma widgets
that I had come to rely on that obviously haven't been ported to
KF5/Plasma 5. That makes it even more tempting to revert.

This is expected behaviour. Plasma 5 is not ready yet, only partially
ported applications and plasmoids. If you want to the the "state of the
moment" go TW not Leap.

It certainly seems that way. I'm not really after"cutting edge", just usable.
Once upon a time, when most developers followed some sort of standard in
version numbering, packages that were still in active development (i.e. not
yet feature= or API/ABI stable) used versions beginning with 0, or were
clearly marked as alpha or beta.

These days, that all seems to be ignored. One would think that with a version
"5.7" (Qt) or 5.24.x (KF5) that they'd be reasonably mature. It seems not.
Maybe by the time version 6 rolls around, version 5 might be somewhere near
release quality.

This is my opinion YMMV. Leap has been build to be extremely conservative
for minimizing risks, have little updates, so it is in parts even "older"
then 13.2. This is wanted. If you want to try and risk the current status
of a working KDE Plasma 5 desktop go for tumbleweed. I do not see any sense
in what you are trying to achieve, if I am honest.

Thanks for your input. It is appreciated.

All I'm trying to achieve is a working desktop at least a functional as 13.2
was with a reasonably mature KDE4. Clearly KF5/KDE5 is not ready for that
role, yet.


Rodney Baker VK5ZTV
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