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Re: [opensuse] Building a mid-range desktop PC - lower cost MB/CPU/video solution?
On 11 June 2016 at 00:32, Greg Freemyer <greg.freemyer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Be sure not to get one that requires no power source to function, unless you
can find one with an overwhelming number of favorable reviews. Passive HDMI
switching is evil.

I'm waiting to hear Mikhail's experience.

This will be delayed. While testing a DVI-HDMI cable that arrived from
an ebay seller, I found that one of the sources has DVI and
DIsplayPort, not HDMI as I thought.

I do not want a third display connection type in my system so I just
ordered another DVI-HDMI cable from that same seller. And when that
cable is in and the switch itself is in, I will report on my
experiences with "the cheapest KVM possible".

(I am really trying to avoid spending here.I also ordered a 1 Euro USB
Hub from China - so I can put the keyboard and mouse into it and
switch them by manual plugging. All because a proper KVM that would
handle DVI and USB seems to be about 25 Euro, and needs all the cables
anyway. HDMI switches I see, even manual ones, don't seem to have

I'll have 4 HDMI devices day one, but I think I should get 6 or 8
ports if feasible.

I will nto be reporting on 6 to 8 ports. What I ordered has all of three.

If I go with a simple HDMI switch, is the idea I would move my
keyboard and mouse connection manually?

That's my plan anyway. I'll get a hub so I can move one connection not two.

I really like the way it is coming together. I bought the overall frame just
couple months ago. I've got 2 computers on the table top currently, 1
on each end of the table top. Then 2
monitors between them (for dual monitor use),

SO you'll need a HDMI switch for every monitor?

actually bought an extra empty chassis today to sit opposite this one.
Should give the workstation and impressive (and yet symmetric) look.

You're really going for looks, yay :)

Perhaps put a RAID storage server in there or something? To have no
noise, an SSD RAID storage server with a fanless PSU... and a fanless
CPU too, though I seem to be able to find those in Mini ITX
motherboards only. A google seems to say they would fit in an ATX case
but I have no personal experience with them. Make this storage-only
and never mind the Intel Atom performance?

(And now I want a silent PC but don't want to go buying a new PSU as
yet... In another thread I already optimised my CPU fan so it makes
basically no noise, though could not stop it. Somehow my 2009 Akasa
PaxPower 400w PSU got noisy. I probably need to try oiling the fan,
after so many years. It's a 12 cm fan with auto thermal control, and
the system does not load it a lot, it really should be quiet).

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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