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Re: [opensuse] Building a mid-range desktop PC - lower cost MB/CPU/video solution?
Greg Freemyer composed on 2016-06-10 19:32 (UTC-0400):

Felix Miata wrote:

I still need a HDMI switch (preferably manual).

Be sure not to get one that requires no power source to function, unless you
can find one with an overwhelming number of favorable reviews. Passive HDMI
switching is evil.

I'm waiting to hear Mikhail's experience.

I'll have 4 HDMI devices day one, but I think I should get 6 or 8
ports if feasible.

I'll be using just one of the computers via direct
monitor/keyboard/mouse attachment 95% of the time.

If I go with a simple HDMI switch, is the idea I would move my
keyboard and mouse connection manually? I could do that without too
much hassle. Basically only doing it when I need to access bios so it
would like bringing a crash cart up to a server in a data center.

I wasn't thinking about KVM, only V. If you want all three in one reliable switch with more than 2-3 ports, you're talking about a big investment, e.g.

Whatever KVM you have now would still work for KM if you don't mind having a separate, low-cost V switch for your 5% usage. I tend to think separate V could be an advantage at least some of the time.

Whether you want to have to funnel all cables into one small box could be a troubling issue. Unless you get a switch you can bolt down, in a suitably accessible location, HDMI cables will want to manhandle the switch into a position they choose that would likely be disruptive of an "impressive" look. With up to 24 cables to connect to one box, bolt-down is probably requisite.
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