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Re: [opensuse] Building a mid-range desktop PC - lower cost MB/CPU/video solution?
Mikhail Ramendik composed on 2016-06-10 04:35 (UTC+0100):

Greg Freemyer wrote:

I need to buy a HDMI KVM to hook this up to. (I'll end up with 4
towers going to the KVM.)

There are loads of "automatic HDMI switches with manual override"
available on ebay and amazon for a few bob. One is in the mail to me
now, as I have a DVI monitor and two boxes (worn and home) with both
DVI and HDMI outputs. These HDMI switches are far cheaper than proper
KVMs, including DVI ones. I'll report on the results when I get the
device and the DVI-HDMI cable. (But I did already use a DVI-HDMI

Best of luck with "automatic HDMI switches with manual override". It's widespread knowledge that the automatic function of such HDMI switches strongly tends to be broken. Power up a device while another is in active use, and the switch jumps to the just-powered whether you want that or not. With many, every connected device needs to be kept powered up continuously, defeating most display power saving functionality, in order to keep any desired connection intact. Finding an HDMI switch that's fully manual to avoid that possibility seems a hopeless task.

Even worse for some people, HDMI switches are painfully slow compared to analog video switches, forever waiting on HDCP handshaking, which can't be reliably counted on to work at all.
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