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Re: [opensuse] video drivers & technology (was: Building a mid-range desktop PC...)
Mikhail Ramendik composed on 2016-06-10 02:51 (UTC+0100):

Felix Miata wrote:

...I'm using modeset for all my installations
that qualify with new enough server and new enough gfxchip, with no gfx
performance issues that I've as yet become aware of.

But this means one lives without DRI/3D at all?

I know nothing of the significance of DRI vs. no DRI. I see glimpses of it in package names and logs, but about it and mesa and glx and glamor and yada I don't think I have any need to know what does what or how or why.

Of 3D, my eyes gather but two dimensions from a computer display panel, and see computer "3D" as but a way to annoy and make a PC generate more heat. If a gfxchip can output a high definition video in believable colors without stutter or drops, it's as good as I can appreciate. :-)
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