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Re: [opensuse] Building a mid-range desktop PC - lower cost MB/CPU/video solution?
Mikhail Ramendik composed on 2016-06-10 01:25 (UTC+0100):

Felix Miata wrote:

Are you sure you're up for a piece of the Skylake on Linux grief some of us
have been reading about?

Did a quick google. There seem to be graphics issues that cause hangs
unless you disable hardware acceleration. And they seem to be fixed in
kernel 4.6. And kernel 4.6 was released less than a month ago. There
also seem to be power management issues but these don't apply to
desktop. According to this link
one can already get a "vanilla" 4.6 kernel on Leap.

And Skylake is his only option if he wants DDR4. Amd he wants DDR4 so
that he can use the same memory as his higher end stations. I honestly
think this is worth the risk, because Intel is known to work on its
Linux drivers, so even if one has to disable acceleration temporarily
it should not be too long.

Intel's contribution to the FOSS video driver seems to be vested almost entirely in a very heavily overloaded Chris Wilson. Intel's driver has been stuck at "2.99.917" for about 20 months.

OTOH and NAICT, it doesn't seem to be common knowledge that Intel gfx users have two competent drivers to choose from on Linux. The modeset driver built into Xorg since 1.17.x is supposed to be good for all of the big three gfxchip lines, as long as the user's gfxchip is non-antique, somewhere in the 8-9 years old or less range. I'm using modeset for all my installations that qualify with new enough server and new enough gfxchip, with no gfx performance issues that I've as yet become aware of.

To use modeset, the easiest way is simply to uninstall the chip-specific xf86- or proprietary driver. In Tumbleweed back in March Egbert Eich provided us with a new driver config technique using /etc/X11/xorg_pci_ids/*.ids. Docs about it I've yet to locate, but here are a few references:
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