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Re: [opensuse] Re: dhcpv6-pd
On 06/08/2016 07:20 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
I use a regular DNS server, not dyndns. While my IPv4 address is DHCP,
the host name if fixed, dependent on modem and router MAC addresses.
So, I just use an alias on the DNS server that points to that host
name. Works fine. So far, for IPv6, I've just used the actual
addresses to create AAAA records.
You can, because you get a practically static IP. We can't, because we

Most people, with our current Ipv4 connections, get a new IP the
instant there is a glitch in the connection. Be it the wind moving the
copper cables or the router being unplugged.

That is not the way DHCP is supposed to work. You're supposed to have a
lease time, during which you "own" the address. As long as you renew
before the lease expires, you should retain the same address.
I know, but ISPs perverted that on most places. Yours is highly unusual.
Of course, they have the excuse (on IPv4) that the pool of addresses was
too scarce, so they have to reuse as soon as possible. But they could
have a grace period of 5 minutes, to allow for glitches. They choose not
to. And they will do the same on IPv6. Because they can.

Very funny when on police movies they find the IP of the bad guy and
correlate to a house on seconds. Ha!

As mentioned, my IPv4 address is virtually static. But even if it
wasn't, as long as the host name is fixed, it doesn't matter. The alias
will still work.
You have to update the DNS server fast enough, and the expiration time
of the DNS entry must also be short, for this to work.

Please note what I said about my host name. It never changes, so no
matter how often the address changes, it shouldn't be a problem, so long
as the ISP keeps the DNS in sync with the DHCP server. Anyone with a
consistent host name should be able to do the same.

As an experiment, check your current IP address and do a host look up.
Then check again, after the address changes. If you have the same host
name, you can use an alias.

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