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Re: [opensuse] Re: OFF-LIST Do you think this can be done? I'm not sure
Quoting James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx>:
On 06/04/2016 10:49 PM, Jeffrey L. Taylor wrote:
It's a gigabit switch and you can configure it so that one port can
monitor the traffic of one or more other ports.
BTW, this costs about $20 less than what I paid for an 8 port, 10 Mb
hub, back in the late 90s.

Those that can afford Gb connections to the Internet can afford more
hardware than I can. This was a decade ago. I probably had somewhere
2Mbps and 10Mbps connectivity.

Many people run over 100 Mb Internet connections these days, not to
mentioned gigabit on the local LAN. Also, I just remembered another use
for my hub. It is, in fact, a 9 port hub, with the 9th port a BNC
connector on the rear panel. This means I could use that hub to connect
a 10base2 coax network to a switch. Problem is, 10base2 became obsolete
when 10baseT hubs appeared and are really scarce now. Incidentally,
back in 1997, I was working on a project in the Ontario government
buildings in "Queen's Park" in Toronto, to convert their network from
10base2 to 10baseT switched network. They went straight from 10base2 to
switches, without bothering with hubs. Hubs would not have given a
performance improvement over coax, but switches did. My first
experience with Ethernet would have been with DECNET, connecting VAX
11/780 computers, back in the 80s. That network used the 10base5 "thick
net" cables (10base2 was called "thin net").

I have worked with both thin net and thick net (vampire taps :). When the T-W
technician hooked up the current Internet cable modem and I plugged in my
Thinkpad, I was pleasantly surprised to see it announce 1Gbps. Haven't seen
that before. The other side was 100Mbps at first, apparently a
mis-configuration. After a few months it dropped down to the 50Mbps I was
paying for.

We've come a long way from the first modem I bought, 1200 bps. Never owned a
300bps acoutic modem though I've used a few at work.

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