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Re: [opensuse] /etc/procmailrc permissions problem
Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Bjoern Voigt <bjoernv@xxxxxxxx> [06-01-16 10:26]:
Bjoern Voigt wrote:
# ... malware scanner etc.
Don't use /etc/procmailrc! To invoke procmail as <user>, make
~/.procmailrc and recipies in another file called from ~/.procmailrc

I believe this will solve your permissions problems. I use procmail and
employe it that way.
Yes, but how should the usage of ~/.procmailrc solve my specific
permission problem? (BTW, my users have additional ~/.procmailrc files
too, but I usually place recipes for all users/mailboxes in

I wrote:
I like to write a procmail recipe which does the following:
All malware mails (tagged with header "^X-Spam-Virus: Yes") should be
delivered to a specific mailbox (e.g. /home/malware/Maildir/) regardless
of the recipient of the mail.
The problem is, that all mails delivered to /home/malware/Maildir/ get
uid "root" and gid "mail". DROPPRIVS=yes also does not work, because
DROPPRIVS changes uid/gid to the recipient user and this uid/gid usually
has no write permission for /home/malware/Maildir/.

Mails in /home/malware/Maildir/ should get gid/uid of user "malware".


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