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Re: [opensuse] /etc/procmailrc permissions problem
Carlos E. R. wrote:
Ah, yes, you are right.

I remember a release note when SuSE switched from Sendmail to Postfix
that may be relevant to this, but I don't remember the details and I
failed to locate it.

I think the issue was that postfix would never run as root, so procmail
failed to send mail to "root". I find references to this here:

«Postfix does not execute (mail) commands as root, period. Please
follow Fedora instructions for mail configuration. // Wietse»
Nice to know. But I use Sendmail as MTA. Sendmail calls Procmail.
Procmail delivers mails with "deliver" from Dovecot IMAP.

This brings me to the idea, that I can write a script, which switches
the UID to user "malware" with "su" or "sudo" first and then calls
Dovecot's "deliver" to deliver the malware mail to user "malware".
/etc/procmailrc can call this custom script.


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