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Re: [opensuse] Off-Topic: sending details (in)securely via email
On 30/05/16 09:58, Roger Price wrote:
On Mon, 30 May 2016, Per Jessen wrote:

gumb would be sending in a copy of his passport, which presumably just
has a passport number, not an ID number as such. Besides, what would a
French system do with a British ID number? :-)

Here in France a foreign number will be written into the space reserved
for foreign numbers.

I wonder if the "ḧuman identifiable" database formed by the collection
of all this employee data in machine processable form has been declared
to the french national CNIL as required by law in France. I expect
not. If someone complains, often an employee union, the employer faces
a fine.

gumb should ask for the CNIL number of the database. The CNIL have a
form to fill in to make the request. If you read french, see


Thanks for the link. I had a look through some of the documents on the site but can't see anything relating specifically to collection/treatment of ID.

However, this is in danger of becoming a war between me and my employer. I'm principally concerned just with the transmission of the info, since that's something partially within my direct control. What they then do with it is their responsibility and I can only influence by quizzing them and citing regulations, which isn't going to win me any favours.

Their original email request doesn't state anything about the reason or intended use of the information, which some of the documents on the CNIL site suggest should have been made clear, so when they send the next reminder I might ask for clarification.

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