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Re: [opensuse] ipv6 - the "Tipping Point"
Op 26-05-16 om 17:52 schreef Chris Murphy:
There is a wide disparity of adoption rate by country, Belgium is
nearly at 50% where the U.S. is not yet at even 20% (which might be
the result of hogging ipv4 addresses).

Can't resist that.
I'm from Belgium. The major ISP's give "dynamic" ipv6 prefixes, i.e. when your modem reboots, it gets a new prefix.
From Proximus I get a /56 prefix, but it's impossible to get a fixed one, unless you pay for a "professional" account (at a professional price, that's for sure, and prices are high already, here).
Before I went to Proximus I was with a small ISP (EDPnet) and they gave me a fixed /56 prefix, as a "consumer" customer.
So I find that "adaption rate" exaggerated. Yes, for "dumb" customers, that number is true, but when you're trying to do something more, you're stuck with an ipv6-tunnel.


P.S. maybe it's possible to automagically change the ipv6 addresses of my servers when I get a new prefix, but *I* don't know how to do that.
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