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Re: [opensuse] kde start submenu hangs
Istvan Gabor írta:

This has been a long standing issue but I didn't deal with it until now. I
don't know if it is related to my other problem with right clicking.

This occurs in openSUSE 13.1 with KDE3.

When I navigate in the kicker's main menu to Office/Document Viewer submenu
the system hangs. I found the kicker is the culprit, it uses 100% CPU. When I
use kde menu editor (kmenuedit) and try to open Office/Document Viewer menu,
the system also hangs. In this case kmenuedit uses 100% CPU.

How could I trace why the menu cannot be opened and causes hangup? I guess
there can be some problem with .menu, .desktop or .directory files which
build up the xdg menu system, bit how to find which one is the culprit?


I found that the culprit is qpdfview package from publishing repo:

It installs its icon as /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/qpdfview.svg.
KDE kicker and kmenuedit hangs when tries to show this image in the menu.
If I replace this file with another svg image (naming it qpdfview svg) the
image is shown and kde kicker or kmenueditor does not hang. I can open
qpdfview.svg in inkscape but don't see anything wrong. What can be the problem
with the file? I try to attach qpdfview.svg.


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