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Re: [opensuse] php / apache error
On 05/23/2016 04:33 AM, Paul Groves wrote:
I have a strange problem on OpenSUSE 42.1 where apache seems to stop
itself ever few days for no obvious reason. Restarting it works and
all the websites work fine.

How can I find the error log in 42.1? I have tried all the usual
places in the apache and php documentation but the log file(s) are
nowhere to be found!

I'm not an apache expert but I've been though this myself.
My approach was to grep for 'log" in the config files under /etc/apache2
to see how log files were set up .... or not.

Along the way I learnt that there was now a mod_log_config.conf that
had to be enabled as well as teh regular (potentially per vhost) and the
ErrLog and TransferLog that could be defined.

You should have a
Include /etc/apache2/mod_log_config.conf
in the httpd.conf

If any of the "*Log" things are undefined or the files missing (not
created, removed by the logrotate perhaps) or have the wrong permissions
then logging might not happen.

Logging specific perl or php errors might not be an apache issue and
might be specific to the application; you haven't told us the
appreciations(s) concerned.

That's about the limit of what I can suggest without actually peering
over your shoulder, working your keyboard to look at details.
Check out those entries and see if those files exist and what their
permissions are, then we can zoom in on details as we learn more about
your specific configuration and settings. The more details you give us
the more we can help.

Have an otherwise happy Holiday :-)

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