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Re: [opensuse] DHCPv6-PD request
On 05/19/2016 11:31 PM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
20.05.2016 04:29, James Knott пишет:
On 05/19/2016 07:58 AM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 2:19 PM, James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
As with IPv4, the LAN side of the router must be on the same subnet as
the local network, so you still use 1 address there.
No. Router can use link local addresses only. It does not need any
public address or address in any given prefix.
As I mentioned, it usually uses the link local address, but can use an
address from the local network..
I replied to your statement "must be on the same subnet". Now you say
"no, it can". It really looks like arguing for the sake of arguing.

Which side of the router are we referring to? If the LAN side, on IPv4,
the address must be within the subnet. This is also available with
IPv6, but link local address is generally used. On the WAN side, with
IPv4, a separate subnet must be used, except that on a point to point
link the interface can be used. Again, with IPv6, you can use some
subnet address, interface or link local.

Actually, nothing in IPv4 requires this as well. It is more
historically grown convention to indicate which addresses are link
What choice to you have in a broadcast domain, other than an IP address
within the subnnet?
Choice of what?
Choice for the router on the local LAN. In IPv4, you need an address
within the subnet. With IPv6, you can still do that, but usually use
the link local address.
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