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[opensuse] claws-mail on leap
I did something foolish and now I'm looking for help to understand what I did wrong and how to recover from it.

I'm [still] setting up a new machine with Leap and have got to the scary part where I try to transfer my email account to it. I currently run a very old Evolution on a different old machine but want to move to Claws.

I first installed Mint on the new machine and installed Claws and managed to set it up. I then ran up Evolution on the old machine to empty my ISP's mailbox, then shut that down and started Claws on Mint and checked that I could send and receive messages successfully. Then I shut down Mint and went back to using Evolution on my old machine.

Time passed, I installed Leap on the new machine and installed Claws. Then I made my mistakes.

Firstly I forgot to power up the old machine and download the mail from my ISP using Evolution. So there were a bunch of messages sitting there.

Next I couldn't remember my mail password so I copied the Claws config from Mint to Leap and used that to start Claws. The good news is that it connected and downloaded over a hundred messages from my ISP. The bad news is that those messages don't seem to show up anywhere in Claws and I haven't managed to find them on the disk either.

So I'd welcome any thoughts as to where Claws might have put them and why they didn't show up in its GUI. I do hope it hasn't deleted them!

Cheers, Dave
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