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Re: [opensuse] DHCPv6-PD request
On 05/09/2016 11:23 PM, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:
IP address on LAN interface (if you mean router) is assigned by dhcpcd.
radvd job is just to pick up prefix from it and advertise. So forget
about radvd until you actually got prefix delegation working. How do you
start it (exact command line)? Does dhcpcd request prefix? Does it get
anything back? Start it with --debug and check logs.

firewall:/etc # dhcpcd --debug
dhcpcd-6.10.1 starting
eth0: disabling kernel IPv6 RA support
eth1: disabling kernel IPv6 RA support
eth0: executing `/usr/lib/dhcpcd-run-hooks' PREINIT
eth0: executing `/usr/lib/dhcpcd-run-hooks' CARRIER
eth1: executing `/usr/lib/dhcpcd-run-hooks' PREINIT
eth1: executing `/usr/lib/dhcpcd-run-hooks' CARRIER
DUID 00:01:00:01:1e:c2:1b:8a:00:14:d1:2b:ed:ea
eth0: IAID 00:00:00:01
eth0: IAID 00:00:00:02
eth0: delaying IPv6 router solicitation for 0.4 seconds
eth0: reading lease `/var/db/dhcpcd-eth0.lease6'
eth0: DHCPv6 REPLY: Unknown binding
eth0: accepted reconfigure key
eth0: rebinding prior DHCPv6 lease
eth0: delaying REBIND6 (xid 0x2aa365), next in 0.8 seconds
eth1: IAID 17:a7:f2:d3
eth0: soliciting an IPv6 router
eth0: sending Router Solicitation
eth0: broadcasting REBIND6 (xid 0x2aa365), next in 1.0 seconds
eth0: accepted reconfigure key
eth0: DHCPv6 REPLY: Unknown binding
eth0: REPLY6 received from fe80::217:10ff:fe91:41f
eth0: adding address 2607:f798:804:93:4c11:38f0:afc:dd1b/128
eth0: pltime 171644 seconds, vltime 343870 seconds
eth0: renew in 85822 seconds, rebind in 137315 seconds
eth0: writing lease `/var/db/dhcpcd-eth0.lease6'
eth0: waiting for DHCPv6 DAD to complete
eth0: DHCPv6 DAD completed
eth0: executing `/usr/lib/dhcpcd-run-hooks' REBIND6
forking to background
forked to background, child pid 2130

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