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Re: [opensuse] strange problem with right click
John AndersenĂ­rta:
On 05/12/2016 08:44 AM, Istvan Gabor wrote:

This problem is very strange. It started from one minute to the other.
I use openSUSE 13.1 with KDE3. This works OK.

Now when I right click a pdf file either in konqueror file manager window or
in krusader the context menu is not shown and the application (konqueror or
krusader) freezes and "top" command shows 99-100% CPU use for the
application. If I double click to a pdf file it's opened by the associated
program (adobe reader) normally. If I right click to other file types the
context menu opens as normal. That is the the problem only occurs when pdf
files are right clicked. How could I trace this?

I've already reinstalled kdebase3 and kdelibs3 packages but it didn't help.



Sounds like the list of mime/file types buried in the kde settings got screwed
up or corrupted.
Unfortunately, KDE3 is so old, I don't have any machines still running that,
so you will have
to dig through the settings, both in the KDE settings panels and Kong, to find
out where this is.

Try logging in with another user account, because some of these are account
specific, and
you might be able to pinpoint the error by checking out their configurations.

Thanks. I tried other user profiles and those profiles also had the problem.
Next I deleted all packages that are for viewing pdfs: acroread, kpdf etc. This
did not solve the problem.
Then in the kde control center where file associations can be set I removed all
programs that were associated with pdf files. After this right cliking to pdf
files did not cause freezing anymore. Then I reinstalled pdf viewers and
associated them again to pdf files. Now right clicking works normal, as before
the problem. I still have to check what is the case in other profiles.

What I don't understand: file associations are user profile based. Why other
profiles showed the problem if I had something bad with the associations.

Thanks again,


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