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Re: [opensuse] building a 32 bits efi file for leap
Le 28/02/2016 15:46, Andrei Borzenkov a écrit :

Well, grub2-mkconfig is still there and will produce exactly the
same configuration.

certainly not.

Not what?

It's Leap, that don't even know than grub-i386-efi exists.

Grub-mkconfig creates configuration that is platform agnostic (with
notable exception of secure boot).

of course not. I just reread the man page, grub2-mkconfig do not ask for
the grub version to use. so it gives only one file, the one used by Leap
to boot and this one do not boot with 32 bits grub.efi (tested).

the grub.cfg next to the efi binay in opensuse folder simply link to grub.cfg in /boot.

as far as I know, one can't have two config files in "opensuse".

to boot my itworks, I had to wrote the 32bits grub.efi in an other folder (I named it "32"), and add a grub.cfg with essentially

set btrfs_relative_path="yes"
search --fs-uuid --set=root 28efb6d2-1287-4f29-b38b-b383b89d6568
set timeout=10

menuentry "Jean-Daniel's openSUSE Leap 42.1 nomodeset" {

linux /boot/vmlinuz nomodeset
initrd /boot/initrd

(plus several entries for various tests)
The first line come from the official openSUSE grub.cfg (partition UID)

copying the official grub.cfg in the same place as mine gives unbootable result (the computer skip ti and boots windows).

several hours of tests :-(

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